Producers are not only the largest group of EFM participants, accounting for around 30% of the total number of participants at the market each year. Their significance transcends mere numbers, as content creators they also have a fundamental influence over all business activities at the EFM. The IPs by producers, along with the multitude of new projects they bring to the Berlinale market each year, serve as the cornerstone of the entire film industry ecosystem. Producers emerge as the driving force behind all market activities, serving as the EFM's primary traders for buyers, sales agents, distributors, streamers, and other audiovisual outlets with intellectual property rights.

The Producers & Projects Hub caters to the needs of both aspiring and experienced producers, encompassing the dynamic landscape of the ever-expanding series market. This hub empowers producers to conduct business with their partners throughout the entire value chain of a film project. By bridging the digital and physical worlds of producers' work processes, this market infrastructure is strategically designed to promote free trade, foster networking opportunities, and facilitate matchmaking between various international market players, ensuring a collaborative environment for film and series producers alike.


EFM Producers & Projects Hub
Faysal Omer
Gropius Bau, 2nd floor