Making up around 30% of the total number of annual participants at the market, producers are not only the largest group of EFM participants but also have a fundamental impact as content creators on all business activities at the EFM. Producers' IPs and their huge number of new projects within the Berlinale market environment each year build the cornerstone of the entire film industry ecosystem. Producers are the driving force behind all market activities, serving as the main traders at the EFM for buyers, sales agents, distributors, streamers and other audio-visual outlets with IP-rights.

For the 2024 edition, the Producers & Projects Hub caters to the needs of aspiring and veteran producers, thus enabling them to do business with their partners throughout the entire value chain of a film project.This new market infrastructure will bring together the advantages of the producers' work processes of both the digital and the physical world - designed to foster free trade, networking and matchmaking between international market players.


EFM Producers & Projects Hub
Faysal Omer
Gropius Bau, 2nd floor