VR NOW Summit
Sunday, February 18, 1.20-7.30 pm, doors: 1 pm

The way how stories are told changes constantly. A new technology, or the rise of a new medium also alters forms of storytelling and audience expectations. One of the greatest changes in storytelling comes with immersive media – Virtual Reality and 360 video. The EFM VR NOW Summit at the Berliner Freiheit demonstrates how film, television and immersive media are all coming together. Get excited about how entertainment is advancing today, get inspired by fantastic stories and opinions of international VR figureheads, and connect with content creators, producers and IP owners from both worlds.

Highlight speaker will be Stéphane Rituit, Co-founder of the Canadian Felix & Paul Studios. The company produces high-end virtual reality content for National Geographic, Cirque du Soleil, the White House (The People’s House), President Clinton or NBA legend LeBron James among others.


EFM Horizon
Berliner Freiheit, 10785 Berlin

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1 pm Open doors
1.20 pm Welcome address
1.30 pm Market Overview by Matt Collado (Littlstar)
Beyond the Obvious: The Next Generation of VR Storytelling
1.50 pm Keynote by Stéphane Rituit (Felix & Paul)
Yes! Digital Reality also needs Storytelling
2.35 pm Presentation by Ioulia Isserlis, Max Sacker (Anotherworld VR)
Immersive Horror from Berlin: Kobold
2.50 pm Presentation by Ditti Bürgin-Brook (La Siala Entertainment)
Schellen-Ursli: Turning a successful family movie into a profitable rollercoaster ride
3.05 pm Presentation by Karen Nemeth (realities.io)
Photorealistic Environments in Explorable Virtual Reality: The Production and Potential
3.20 pm Presentation by Thomas Bedenk (Exozet)
Bringing interactivity to volumetric video in VR and AR
3.30 pm Networking “Caffeine & Recreation”
4 pm Industry Debate hosted by IFA, Antoine Cayrol (Atlas V), Liz Rosenthal (Programmer Venice VR), moderated by Henry Chu (Variety)
“VR: Show me the Monetization”
5 pm Presentation by Paul Bouchard (Wide VR)
WIDE VR – From feature films to VR Sales
5.15 pm Presentation by Eddie Lou (Sandbox VR)
Immersive Storytelling in China
5.30 pm Presentation by Oli Lane (VR Concept)
The VR Concept – how we bootstrapped a profitable VR arcade chain
5.45 pm Panel Discussion with Anika Giese (Axel Springer SE), Matt Collado (LittlStar), Sönke Kirchhof (INVR.SPACE), Stephane Rituit (Felix & Paul)
VR Nerds presents: The Virtual Reality Whistleblowers
6.30 pm Networking cocktail with the support of the Canadian Embassy

VRNEXT Investors Club
Sunday, February 18, 10 am-12.30 pm, by Invitation only

At the VRNext Investors Club, content creators, financiers and technology experts will discuss key opportunities, barriers, solutions and challenges in validating the market fit of immersive experiences, products and services. Equity investors and public funds, film producers, distributors, and broadcasters will exchange their views on state of the art experiences in entertainment VR with sales agents, technicians, and VR specialists. The objective is to share success stories, to better understand what immersive narratives require and how broadcasters are aiming to take part.

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