In 2018, the European Film Market celebrated its 30th anniversary and, for the first time, we made Diversity and Inclusion an explicit theme in our programme, thus aiming to link and leverage the established theme of diversity and inclusion from the Festival with the world of the entertainment business and policymaking.

The EFM works not only alongside the Berlinale but also in close collaboration with the industry platforms affiliated to the festival.

Yet, the EFM is more than just a marketplace. In its capacity as a world-leading market, the EFM has also positioned itself as a platform for innovation and change with its various formats such as the EFM Horizon, Berlinale Africa Hub, DocSalon, Berlinale Series Market and EFM Producers Hub.

Taking a step back from the social justice arguments on the subject, the Diversity & Inclusion initiative’s primary objective is to create a forum for discussion and transformative change on the market relevance of diversity, inclusion and belonging in the entertainment industry from a global and European perspective.


Diversity & Inclusion
Themba Bhebhe

In 2019, the EFM renewed its commitment to diversity and inclusion by tackling crucial matters such as reversing assumptions on films with diverse casts, diversifying programming pools, network building for women filmmakers and producers, the importance of working collaboratively with underrepresented groups and much more.

Alongside the business advantages of diversity and inclusion for companies, funding bodies, agencies and other organizations, the initiative’s programming aims at bringing to the fore actionable, pragmatic, applicable and positive tools, solutions and take-aways for a more inclusive industry.

Transversal by nature, the EFM’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative comprises a series of curated events programmed across the EFM platforms and co-organized with festival and partner organizations.

As diversity and inclusion are a leitmotiv of the festival, the initiative also works towards raising the profile of all programmes, actions and promotions of the subject across all the Berlinale’s different entities.

Last but not least, the initiative works towards enhancing the EFM experience for delegations focusing on underrepresented groups in the industry, such as the NATIVe Producer Fellows Programme, The Ladima Foundation, the African Women’s Filmmakers’ Hub and the Dame Changer – Market Trader Programme.