Fiction Toolbox Programme


The EFM Fiction Toolbox programme is part of the European Film Market's Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

Launched in 2022, the programme aims to endow fiction film creatives from marginalised groups and the Global South, creating pathways into the international film industry by eliminating barriers and providing them with the market intelligence, business tools, and connections needed to navigate the international film market more effectively.
This immersive programme includes guidance and mentorship by expert consultants and coordinators as well as in-depth industry know-how and connections via workshops, matchmaking events, community-building sessions and networking events.


EFM Toolbox Programme

Aïssa Diaby

Project: M´ma, Soulmates Follow Each Other
Selected by Unifrance

Alfredo Manuel Marimon

Project: Jaibas
Selected by Algo en Común

Ali Hakim

Project: Shaer – A Poet
Selected by MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

Amel Bouzid

Project: Station 243
Selected by Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel – Wallonie-Bruxelles

Amir Zargara

Project: A Good Day Will Come
Selected by BIPOC Film & TV and Black Screen Office
With the support of Téléfilm Canada

Angela Cudd

Project: Whenua
Selected by New Zealand Film Commission

Angelica Alape

Project: Two Shores
Selected by ProImágenes Colombia

Aria Azizi

Project: The Baby and The Desert
Selected by HessenFilm

Asma El-Fassi

Project: Porte Bagage
Selected by Netherlands Film Institute

Charbel El Melhem

Project: Karma
Selected by SODEC

Damian James Le Bas

Project: The Bone
Selected by Ake Dikhea? - RomaTrial e. V.

Daniel Berger

Project: Mergen
Selected by Alternativa Film Project

Fernanda Lomba

Project: Minas Novas
Selected by Nicho54
With the support of the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin

Fernanda Pessoa

Project: Frame
Selected by Spcine

Francisco Tarque

Project: Meeting of our Spirits
Selected by Arica Nativa

Gail Maurice

Project: Blood Lines
Selected by ImagineNATIVE

Joie Lou Shakur

Project: Abandon
Selected by Comfrey Films

Kathy-Ann Thomas

Project: Finding Mercy
Selected by SODEC

Katiuska Castillo Vázquez

Project: Negrita
Selected by JEVA

Leticia Brea

Project: Au Revoir
Selected by Dominican Republic Film Commission - DG Cine

Mergim Aliu

Project: Chasing Squirrels / 4 Guys and a Bag
Selected by Norwegian Film Institute

Minenhle Luthuli

Project: Some Mothers
Selected by Durban FilmMart
With the support of the National Film and Video Foundation

Murry Peeters

Project: Woman Meets Girl
Selected by BIPOC Film & TV and Black Screen Office
With the Support of Téléfilm Canada

Nadir Öperli

Project: Afterbirth
Selected by Swedish Film Institute

Nara Wilson

Project: The Long Journey Home
Selected by Winda Film Festival
With the support of ImagineNATIVE

Nicole Horan

Project: Songs From the Inside
Selected by New Zealand Film Commission

Per-Josef Idivuoma

Project: Förbannelsen – The Curse
Selected by the International Sámi Film Institute
With the support of ImagineNATIVE

Roxana Sadvokassova

Project: Prodigal Daughter
Selected by Academy of Moving People and Images (AMPI)
With the support of Finnish Film Foundation

Scott W. Kekama Amona

Project: Keke
Selected by Nia Tero, Pacific Islanders in Communications, Vision Media Maker
With the support of ImagineNATIVE

Sheri Hagen

Project: Motherhood
Selected by Austrian Film Institute