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Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast is about and for the entertainment industry. The podcast features long episodes as a year-round series, with short episodes to be aired exclusively during the the EFM.

As the first international film market of the year, the European Film Market is where the film industry starts its business of the year. Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast puts a spotlight on highly topical and trendsetting industry issues, thereby creating a compass for the forthcoming film year.

The podcast features in-depth analyses of the film industry’s current challenges and strategies in order to tap into the most dynamic debates. Together with our partner Goethe-Institut, Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast will be covering the most pressing strategic industry topics such as digitising the business and diversity & inclusion as well as social, environmental and economic sustainability and the power of community building.

The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, e.g. Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast is one of the Berlinale podcasts and is provided in cooperation with Goethe-Institut.

Season 3

Industry Insights #14: Distribution – A Constant New Reality

hosted by: Johanna Koljonen.

Release: October 18
Length: 62'

Industry Insights #13: Imagining a Sustainable Industry - Nostradamus 2022

hosted by: Johanna Koljonen
Release: July 1

Length: 46'

Season 2

In its second season, the EFM podcast will reflect on one of the most urgent issues of our time: social sustainability in the film, TV and media landscape – with a specific focus on diversity & inclusion. We will hear from hands-on activities and actions, new impulses and pathways. In addition, the second season wants to shine a light on the pressing question of how to foster a resilient industry, creating the necessary framework for a healthy life balance, reorganization, education and rethinking of the modus operandi that has already lasted for a long time in the film and creative industries.

Industry Insights #12: Equity & Tech

hosted by: Nadia Denton, Johanna Koljonen
Release: May 16

Length: 63'

Industry Insights #11: Accessibility Beyond and Behind the Screen

hosted by Nadia Denton, Johanna Koljonen
Release: March 25

Length: 54'

Industry Insights Special: What's at Stake in Ukraine - a Filmmakers' Conversation

hosted by Tamara Tatishvili
Release: March 11

Length: 43'

Industry Insights #9: New Native Cinema: Indigenous Film Criticism in Focus

hosted by Nadia Denton
Release: February 18

Length: 60'

Industry Insights #8: Unlocking Creativity through a Healthy Workplace

hosted by Johanna Koljonen and Nadia Denton
Release: December 3

Length: 66'

Industry Insights #7: Generation Next's Perspective on Futurism & Equity

hosted by Nadia Denton
Release: August 20

Length: 42'

Season 1

Industry Insights #6:(Co-)Producing Internationally: A Personal Approach with Ewa Puszczyńska

hosted by Johanna Koljonen
Release: June 11

Length: 46'

Industry Insights #5: Global North – Global South: Narrative Sovereignty (#2)

hosted by Nadia Denton
Release: May 7

Length: 56'

Industry Insights #4: Global North – Global South: Narrative Sovereignty (#1)

hosted by Nadia Denton
Release: April 9

Length: 63'

Industry Insights #3: Philly D.A. & the Doc-Series Boom

hosted by Nadia Denton, guests: Yoni Brook (Producer, Creator, Director), Josh Penn (Producer), Nicole Salazar (Producer, Creator)
Release: March 4, 12 noon

Length: 56'

Industry Insights #2: Transforming Storytelling Together: Nostradamus 2021

hosted by Johanna Koljonen (Media Analyst)
Release: March 3, 12noon

Length: 46'

Industry Insights #1: Macrotrends in Production: Ampère Analysis

hosted by Johanna Koljonen (Media Analyst), guest: Guy Bisson (Research Director, Ampère Analysis)
Release: Feb 25, 12noon

Length: 34'

EFM Morning Brief 2021

Kick off your day with EFM’s short audio companion: the daily EFM Morning Brief.

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