EFM Industry Sessions


Industry Sessions

Welcome to the EFM Industry Sessions, where innovation meets inspiration, reflection and debate on latest developments shaping the global film and media landscape. Our sessions promise knowledge exchange and a dynamic and enriching experience. The EFM Industry Sessions bring together more than 100 international thought leaders, industry pioneers and creative minds to explore the latest trends and urgent industry issues, to discuss roads not taken, share new learnings and encourage new pathways.

Dive into cutting-edge discussions, where industry experts unpack the ever-evolving dynamics in the film eco-system and along the value chain. With a closer look into technologies like artificial intelligence, reflections on new pathways in leadership, necessary solutions in the fields of sustainability and accessibility, innovative tools and ideas, our sessions offer a comprehensive exploration towards a rebuilt, equitable and healthier film and media landscape.

Engage in conversations that span the spectrum of the film industry, from the creative processes of storytelling and production to the intricate strategies of distribution and audience engagement. Discover how global industry leaders navigate challenges, seize opportunities and redefine the future of cinema.

Our sessions are designed to be both informative, inspiring and challenging alike -providing a platform for knowledge, networking and collaboration. Whether you're an industry veteran or an emerging talent, the EFM Industry Sessions offer valuable insights, practical takeaways, and a glimpse into the film year ahead, because „It all starts here”.