EFM Industry Sessions Programme

The information on this page refers to the European Film Market 2024.

Updated information on the European Film Market 2025 will be published from autumn 2024.

The EFM Industry Sessions provide keynotes, conversations, think tanks, workshops, presentations and community building formats as well as networking opportunities covering all sectors of the industry.
Within the Event Schedule you will also have the option to filter according to your personal interests for the EFM: 'producers', 'distribution', 'documentary', 'series', 'diversity & inclusion', 'sustainability', ‘audiences’ and ‘animation’. All Market Badge holders will have access to the EFM Industry Sessions taking place in our location, the Documentation Centre in three minutes walking distance from the Gropius Bau.


EFM Industry Sessions

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Programme Preview / Event Schedule

To help you navigating our EFM Industry Sessions programme, you will be able to find an overview of our formats and the programme 2024 here. All details are listed in the EFM Event Schedule. Please find the pre-filtered EFM Industry Sessions events here.


With our EFM Industry Sessions talks we aim to help navigating the ocean of new pathways, information, approaches and players on the horizon. Follow to be in the know, gain insights in times of transformation, and build market intelligence while the whole industry is entering a new landscape. Our various talk formats include keynotes, presentations, provide background data, offer case studies to learn from, and activate debates for and with the audience.

Workshops & Think Tanks

EFM workshops and think tanks allow selected industry professionals to approach most-pressing topics of our industry in safe settings. Stay up to date on the conversation by registering for our EFM infoletter and you’ll receive the most important findings of the EFM Industry Sessions in your inbox just after the market. Reports of workshops and think tanks will become available later as part of our EFM resources.

Pause & Centre at the Room of Stillness

The EFM continues its investment in mental health in the media industry. We once again invite all EFM participants to enter the Room of Stillness and find time for rest, reflection and recharging while participating in the bustling film market.

Pause & Centre at Room of Stillness

Changing the work environment in our industry to a healthier one – with less stress, burnout, self-harm and people quitting for good – might be a long-term investment that takes time, years, as well as a structural change. We invite you to Pause & Centre @Room of Stillness and find time to recharge. Offered in four guided 30-minute meditation sessions on Monday, Feb 19. Come as you are, ready to unplug and exhale fully. No special equipment needed.

Room of Stillness

In the phone and laptop free Room of Stillness EFM participants can find a safe space to stand or sit and rest in quietness during the EFM. Find our Room of Stillness within the Documentation Centre for Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation.

Pitches & Presentations


11 international startup entrepreneurs are invited to present their innovative ideas and practical tools for solving industry challenges. To get in touch with our 2024 EFM Startups, join the pitch presentations at the Documentation Centre or book a one-on-one meeting at the Gropius Bau. For more information visit the EFM Startups website.


A specialised pitching event featuring an exclusive selection of drama series projects looking for international co-production and financing partners.


Join thought-provoking presentations, project pitches and screenings of work-in-progress projects at Producers & Projects Hub, located on the 2nd floor of Gropius Bau!
Here, we also host presentations of selected producers such as by our Country in Focus Italy. Visit the Producers & Projects Hub website.

Consultations & One-on-Ones

EFM Docs & Archive Market


Our consultations facilitate discussions between participants with projects at all stages and key-figures from the fields of sales/distribution, financing/funding, marketing & impact producing and co-production. Each hour-long session connects you and 4 others with one industry expert. Pre-registration starts in February 2024 and will be available in the EFM Event Schedule.


Forge connections with top festival programmers and market representatives, discuss current projects and gain insights into the programming and editorial focus of the respective festival. You can book up to three of the 10-minute long one-on-one meetings. Pre-registration starts in February 2024 and will be available in the EFM Event Schedule.


Renowned research producers offer walk in consultations on archival expertise at the Archive Market. You are welcome to meet our international archives delegates and archival researchers in the one-on-one consultation sessions at the Café Connect within the Documentation Centre.


Take part in consultancy and shared-knowledge gatherings with ACE-Experts. Producers can ask experts for advice on various topics and are invited to exchange knowledge amongst each other in those sessions, that are specifically tailored for producers' needs.The consultancy sessions will be extended to Far East Asian regions for the first time in cooperation with our partner Bridging the Dragon.


We are excited to introduce the Green Consulting sessions, covering both an entry-level introduction on how to start producing more eco-consciously, as well as a group session for more advanced attendees who want to go the next step after successfully implementing first green practices.

You can pre-register for Consultations & One-on-Ones in February 2024 via the EFM Event Schedule in each certain event with the pre-registration link, if you are registered for the EFM with an (Online) Market Badge and logged into your account.

EFM Podcast

EFM Morning Brief

During the EFM, make sure to tune in to our EFM Morning Briefs, released daily at 8 am CET, providing you with all the information you need to start your day at the market - compact and convenient. 10 min to keep you up to speed with the latest news provided by our daily guest correspondent from one of the major trades, followed by our "what's on for today" to help you navigate our conference programme and spot the EFM’s highlights.

Industry Insights – The EFM Podcast

In addition, Industry Insights – The EFM Podcast features long episodes that complement our on-site programme with an in-depth analyses of the film industry’s current challenges and strategies in order to tap into the most dynamic debates. Covering the most pressing strategic industry topics such as digitising the business and diversity & inclusion as well as social, environmental and economic sustainability and the power of community building, you can constantly stay informed as we publish new episodes regularly throughout the year.