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If you are a press representative and wish to report on the EFM Industry Sessions, please contact our press agency at in order to request access.

Representatives of the film industry still have the opportunity to apply for an Online Market Badge for the online EFM (February 10-17, 2022).

The Online Market Badge grants access to the EFM online content ("EFM Industry Sessions", online screenings, participants guide and event schedule).

The Buyers status: The rights holders of the films have the option to restrict access to online screenings to selected groups – for example buyers – within the cohort of EFM participants. Buyers status cannot be purchased but is allocated to a limited number of people by the EFM. You are considered for a Buyers status if you order a Online Market Badge and select "Acquisitions (…)" as your "Field of Activity" on the application form.

In order to register online, you have to be logged into "My Account". Participants of the EFM 2022 can use their previous EFM login. Contact our web support if you forgot your user name. If you do not have an account yet, please create a new one.

To register online now and obtain detailed information regarding badge types, prices and participation guidelines please visit the EFM Accreditation website.