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The Producers & Project Pages are the feature at the EFM for producers to create an individual and professional page with their unique profile and track records. At the same time, this platform gives producers the chance to professionally present their film projects. All registered projects will be accessible to distributors, buyers, financiers and potential co-producers, among others. If you are accredited with a Market Badge as a producer in your main field of work, you will automatically be eligible to create your own Producers & Project Pages. This handy tool makes it possible to systematically search for potential and suitable production partners or to look for specific projects of interest.

The Producers & Projects Pages offer an extensive and modern market infrastructure that caters to the needs of aspiring and veteran producers. Combining the best of both the digital and the physical world, the EFM tethers and matches producers, creatives, distributors and financiers, and brings them together at the European Film Market in Berlin.
Easily accessible and set up in a few clicks, producers can now build their own exposé within the EFM environment, elevate their projects in any stage and promote their services and projects even further through a customised profile page. Matchmaking with the right people becomes easier and more convenient.

Find more details regarding the Producers & Project Pages below and download our step-by-step guide to set up your profile.


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Please note: All Market Badge Holders, including buyers, sales agents, distributors, etc., are eligible to view the Producers & Project Pages.

The Producers & Projects Pages is the online part of the comprehensive EFM market infrastructure for producers and their projects, available 24/7, year-round and worldwide. The platform operates as a two-part system:

a) The first part is the Producers Page. This is the place for producers to present themselves to the market with their professional work profile.

b) The second part is the Project Page. Here, projects are presented with relevant details. A maximum of three projects per producer per page can be presented at the EFM.

The Producers Pages as well as the Project Pages are cross-linked with each other:

You can search for projects by using various filters. If you are interested in a particular project, you can contact the producer directly, as the platform lists the contact details and gives you the option to send a meeting request.

You can also do it the other way round and search for a producer and the platform will show you what projects they are currently featuring.

Check out the preview below.

1. Select ‘producer’ as your primary activity in the accreditation process. If you wish to change your main field of activity as a producer please contact us: .
We will do our best to change your status, but we cannot guarantee if and when this will happen.

2. Make sure you are successfully registered with a Market Badge or Online Market Badge.

3. You must have access to the login area of the EFM website with a working EFM account.

4. When you are logged in to your personal account, click on 'All my services' and then select ‘Producer & Project Pages’.

5. Click on ‘Create your Producers & Project Pages’.

6. Follow the step-by-step guide to create your Producers & Project Pages.

If you have any technical problems creating the page, please contact our web support by or phone: +49 30 259 20 800.

1. The following terms and conditions apply to users of the Producers & Project Pages. We kindly ask you to refrain from any requests as no exceptions can be made.

2. To be eligible to create a Producers and Project Page, you must be registered for EFM with a Market or Online Market Badge and be a producer as your main field of activity.

3. It's possible to create a Producers Page without a Project Page, but you can't create a Project Page without a Producers Page. Project Pages can always be added later.

4. The Producers & Project Page is a B2B platform for producers and their potential business partners, and is only available through the restricted login area of the EFM website. This is EFM's way of ensuring the highest level of confidentiality and security for your profile and projects.

5. Only one producer per project, the owner of the page, will be visible with a photo. Co-producers associated with the project can be mentioned, but will only appear on the project page by name.

6. It is intended that the Producers & Projects page will be available throughout the year so that producers can use the platform before and after the EFM. This will allow producers to constantly prepare and update their market performance. An annual renewal of your Market Badge accreditation will be required.

7. As the owner of a page, you or your assistants have editing and modification rights. The site owner is responsible for the quality and accuracy of its content.

8. High quality, constantly updated and detailed information is essential for a B2B platform. The European Film Market expects this quality and up-to-dateness to be maintained and therefore reserves the right to block pages that do not meet these requirements.

9. The date the project was created and updated is always displayed at the top of the project pages. Projects need to be actively maintained and we recommend that you update your information and projects at least every three months to get the most out of them and generate as many valuable contacts as possible.