Accessibility at the EFM

Please find below an outline of the general services we are offering as well as precise information on the accessibility of the EFM’s venues.

This site is a work in progress and will be updated constantly as we are gathering information as we go. We are aware that it does not yet portray the comprehensive overview that we would like to provide, however, we are nonetheless making our best efforts to incrementally increase the accessibility of the EFM for all our visitors and guests.

Please, as such, check this site regularly for updates and do not hesitate to get in touch with us with for specific concrete questions should you not find an answer in our FAQ’s.

Accessibility Scorecard - Help us to improve!

We would like to encourage you to fill in the Accessibility Scorecard as this data is crucial in the process of making your experience at the EFM as pleasurable and accessible as possible.
The Accessibilty Scorecard is provided by FWD-Doc in collaboration with the Film Festival Alliance, 1in4Coalition and the Film Event Accessibility Working Group.

It usually takes about 15 minutes to complete.



Berlinale Anti-Discrimination & Awareness Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all EFM screening auditoriums wheelchair accessible? If not, is there a way for wheelchair users to get access to those films?

All screening facilities of the EFM are wheelchair accessible with the exception of the Cinemobile, Parliament and CinemaxX 2.

Please find the overview on all cinemas and studios here.

Are there any EFM events, venues, parts of venues that are not wheelchair accessible? If so, which ones?

All of our EFM venues are wheelchair accessible except of the former producers hub that will be used again for similar purposes, as well as Haus Huth, where closed Sessions as well as associated events will take place. The Gropius Bau will be modernised as of 2025 and it is planned to make the producers hub on 2nd floor accessible at that time. We have also looked into the possibility of installing a temporary wheelchair lift on one side of the stairs, but unfortunately, for various technical reasons, this does not seem to be possible. As such, unfortunately this issue remains.

For all other venues whose infrastructure was not originally designed to be accessible, we will have ramps on site to make them wheelchair accessible.

Are there wheelchair charging options at any EFM venues? If so, which ones?

There will be charging stations at our main venues: the Gropius Bau, at the Marriott, as well as at the Accreditation Center and at CinemaxX. There you will find designated areas with power plugs (with international adapters).
We are also considering running a power cord in our restaurant to charge wheelchairs during lunch. The power stations will be included in our signage, making them easy to locate. Find all charging stations on our Map & Venues website.

Do you have a list of the type or surfaces outside venues (cobble stone, brick, no sidewalk, etc.)?

Unfortunately we do not have a map or list like that but we would recommend wheelmap (app & website-map) that contains this type of information. This app is open source based and is continuously improved and updated in real time.

Are there any venues that require waiting outside? If so is there a way to wait in the lobby?

Waiting outside is not required at the EFM's venues. At Gropius Bau the wheelchair accessible entrance is right next to the main entrance and there is also no waiting required in order to access the building through that entrance.

What is the process to get a support person credentialed?

You can request an accreditation for your accompanying person that will be free of charge through our accreditation department.

Is there accessible transportation between venues? If not, is volunteer support possible?

We do provide one vehicle that is able to transport wheelchairs and their users. This vehicle is not part of the official EFM shuttle fleet but can be accessed at any time. Just let one of our colleagues at the info counter know in case you need transport between venues. They have the necessary service number at disposal to order a wheelchair accessible shuttle for you.

All of the EFM's regular Eco-Shuttles do have enough space to transport foldable wheelchairs.

Are there any venues that lack wheelchair accessible restrooms? If so, which ones?

Most of our locations and event venues do have wheelchair accessible restrooms.

Only Haus Huth, where closed Sessions as well as associated events will take place, does not have accessible restrooms.

Do you provide sign language interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing visitors and guest?

All EFM Industry Sessions will be available with closed captions and/or live captions.
Unfortunately for the EFM 2024 we are not able to provide Berlinale Series Market events with closed captions and/or live captions.

Should you be attending the market with your own sign language interpreter, you can request an accreditation for them as your accompanying person through our accreditation department.
This accreditation will be free of charge.

Are films and series in Market Screenings available with subtitles and/or closed captions?

We provide English subtitles for all titles shown in Market Screenings, except when their original language is already English. Sadly, we do not offer closed captions yet, but we strive to provide them in future editions.

What is Early Boarding and which venues provide Early Boarding?

Early Boarding is reserved for people who need assistance entering our cinemas. This early entrance before the main opening of screenings is set up for people with disabilities and other needs. All EFM Screening Facilities provide Early Boarding. Please contact our staff directly to enter the cinema before the screening starts.

EFM visitors with specific questions regarding Gropius Bau please contact

Are there any venues that lack All Gender Toilets? If so, which ones?

All EFM Main Locations and all Screening Facilities - except the Parliament Studio and DFFB Filmhaus Cinema - do have All Gender Toilets.

Is there transportation between venues? If not, is volunteer support possible?

We will have our EFM Shuttles again, covering the most frequented routes from Gropius Bau to Marriott Hotel & CinemaxX. None of the shuttles run with fossil fuels, so we are proud to rename this service to Eco-Shuttles this year.

All Eco-Shuttles can transport foldable wheelchairs. We also set aside one bus for wheelchair users that cannot leave their chair and need to travel between venues.

Can I bring my kids or my nanny to the EFM?

The European Film Market wishes to enable the greater participation of parents at the event, which is why Market Badge holders and festival attendees with a professional accreditation will again have the opportunity to apply for the Kids Package. The package includes the Berlinale Kindergarten (open to kids from 6 months to 6 years), as well as access to the EFM locations Gropius Bau, Marriott Hotel and Documentation Centre for Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation for children and their caregivers.

Please consult the accreditation site for more information.

Do you provide support personnel for people with learning or reading difficulties?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer an escort or communication service for visitors with learning and reading difficulties or for blind, deaf and hard of hearing visitors. Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions, our accessibility team will be happy to help at the info desks or via .

Why are your websites and/or publications not fully accessible?

Becoming 100% accessible to all audiences is a process that takes considerable time, research and expertise. Our teams are working towards this goal in consultation with experts and will keep you updated on the process on this site. Thanks for your patience and understanding.