Project Selection - Berlinale Co-Production Market

Official Projects

(in alphabetical order of production company):

  • Left Over (Director: Yesim Ustaoglu), +90 Film Production & Ustaoglu Film, Turkey
  • Wild Encounters (Director: Sarah Arnold), 5à7 Films, France
  • Sea Sparkle (Director: Domien Huyghe), A Private View, Belgium
  • Shine of the Sun (Director: Jan Komasa), Aurum Film, Poland
  • Matria (Director: Álvaro Gago), Avalon P.C. & Matriuska Producciones & Ringo Media, Spain
  • Handling the Undead (Director: Thea Hvistendahl), Einar Film, Norway
  • Land of Savages (Director: Fernando Guzzoni), Fabula, Chile
  • We Are All Strangers (Director: Anthony Chen), Giraffe Pictures, Singapore
  • The Business Women's Club (Director: Anna Muylaert), Glaz Entertainment & África Filmes, Brazil
  • My Soul Startled (Director: Syllas Tzoumerkas), Homemade Films, Greece
  • Who killed Narciso? (Director: Marcelo Martinessi), La Babosa Cine, Paraguay
  • Pussy Project (Director: Nora El Hourch), Manny Films, France
  • Holly (Director: Fien Troch), Prime Time, Belgium
  • Puan (Directors: Maria Alché & Benjamín Naishtat), Pucará Cine & Pasto, Argentina
  • Lava (Director: Youjia Qu), Rediance & Notation Film, China
  • Four Little Adults(Director: Selma Vilhunen), Tuffi Films, Finland
  • Matias (Directors: Filipe Matzembacher & Marcio Reolon), Vulcana Cinema & Avante Filmes, Brazil
  • Maysoon (Director: Nancy Biniadaki), Watchmen Productions, Germany
  • Milk Teeth (Director: Sophia Bösch), Weydemann Bros., Germany

"Berlinale Directors" projects:

  • Two Peas in a Pod (Director: Elite Zexer), 2-Team Productions, Israel
  • Vic & Doc & Duke Go To The Store (Director: Bruce McDonald), BrancSeater Productions & Shadow Shows, Canada
  • England Made Me (Director: Måns Månsson), Fasad Production, Sweden
  • The Oblivion Theory (Director: Annemarie Jacir), Incognito Films, France & One Two Films, Germany
  • The Woman From the Sunken Island (Director: Alanté Kavaïté), Les Films d'Antoine, France

"Rotterdam-Berlinale Express":

  • Kabul Jan (Director: Shahrbanoo Sadat), Adomeit Film, Germany & Denmark & Wolf Pictures, Afghanistan

"Talent Project Market":

  • Tropical Gothic (Director: Isabel Sandoval), 7107 Entertainment (Producer: Carlo Velayo), USA
  • Oasis of Now (Director: Chia Chee Sum), Afternoon Pictures (Producer: Yve Vonn Lee), Malaysia
  • Fallen (Director: Damian Sainz Edwards), Autonauta Films (Producer: Viana González), Cuba
  • 6th Finger (Director: Sheron Dayoc), Daluyong Studios (Producer: Alemberg Ang), Philippines
  • Glory B (Director: Konstantinos Antonopoulos), Faliro House Productions (Producer: Fani Skartouli), Greece
  • The Turtles (Director: Belén Funes), Oberon Media (Producer: Alba Bosch Duran), Spain
  • Mshki (Director: Diako Yazdani), Paraíso Production (Producer: Camille Genaud), France
  • Learning to Breathe Under Water (Director: Rebekah Fortune), Shudder Films (Producer: Jack Tarling), United Kingdom
  • Viva la Vida (Director: Ulla Heikkilä), Tekele Productions (Producer: Marja Pihlaja), Finland
  • Sleepless City (Director: Guillermo García López), Turanga Films (Producer: Lina Badenes), Spain

Selected Projects for “Co-Pro Series” 2021

(in alphabetical order of production company):

  • Afterparty (Writer: Dora Šustić; D: tba), Antitalent, Croatia
  • Speed (Creator/Director: Martin Lund; Writer: Thorkild Schrumpf), Ape&Bjørn, Norway
  • Until I Find You (Writer: Kaleena Kiff, based on a novel by John Irving; D: tbd), Big Blue, The Netherlands & Curiosity Pictures, Canada
  • Richter (Writers: Anna McPartlin & Michael Bennett; D: tbd), Blinder Films, Ireland & Kingfisher Films, New Zealand
  • Eldorado KaDeWe (Writers: Julia von Heinz, John Quester, Sabine Steyer-Violet & Oskar Sulowski; D: Julia von Heinz), Constantin Television & UFA Fiction, Germany
  • Balaton Brigade (Creators: Gábor Krigler, Balázs Lengyel & Balázs Lovas; D: Ildikó Enyedi), Joyrider & Film Force, Hungary
  • This is Music (Creator & Writer: Bjørn Olaf Johannessen; D: Wim Wenders, David Byrne, Julie Andem & Joachim Trier), Oslo Pictures, Norway
  • Hinterland (Creator & Director: Sven Bohse), Ringel Film, Germany
  • 58 Seconds (Creators: Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin; D: tbd), The Mediapro Studio, Spain & BlackBox Multimedia, United Kingdom

Project selected in cooperation with Series Mania:

  • Good People (Creators: Matthieu Donck, Stéphane Bergmans & Benjamin D'Aoust), Hélicotronc, Belgium & Unité, France

The following literary works were selected for “Books at Berlinale” 2021:

(in alphabetical order of presenting companies)

  • Epic Annette (Anne Weber, Germany), Agentur Kroll, Germany
  • Fatherland (Nina Bunjevac, Canada), Am-Book, USA
  • My Name is Selma (Selma van de Perre, The Netherlands), De Bezige Bij, The Netherlands
  • Belle Greene - May No One Discover Your Secret (Alexandra Lapierre, France), Editions Flammarion, France
  • The Confetti Flight Path (Marie-Ève Thuot, Canada), Éditions Les Herbes rouges, Canada
  • Reptile Memoirs (Silje Ulstein, Norway), Oslo Literary Agency, Norway
  • Land of Snow and Ashes (Petra Rautiainen, Finland), Rights & Brands Agency, Finland
  • Notes to Pelle (Marlies Slegers, The Netherlands), Shared Stories, The Netherlands
  • The Man with the Compound Eyes (Wu Ming-Yi, Taiwan), The Grayhawk Agency, Taiwan
  • The Double Puzzle (Holly-Jane Rahlens, Germany), Verlag der Autoren, Germany