Project Selection - Berlinale Co-Production Market

For the 21st Berlinale Co-Production Market (17 to 21 February), 34 film projects from 27 countries have been selected to find partners, in order to secure their financing and get produced as international co-productions in the next few years.

Official Feature Project Selection 2024

(in alphabetical order of production company):

  • - The Side Effects of Trusting Life (director: Ahmad Ghossein), Abbout Productions, Lebanon
  • - A Woman Builds (directors: Huang Ji & Ryuji Otsuka), Akanga Film Asia, Singapur & YGP-Film, Japan & Island X Pictures, Taiwan
  • - Next Apparition (director: Julieta Amalric), Cimarrón Cine, Argentina/Uruguay
  • - My Hands (director: Eoin Heaney), Feline Films Limited, Ireland
  • - Screaming Girl (director: Antonio Lukich), ForeFilms, Ukraine
  • - To the Wedding (director: Andrea Pallaoro), Good Question Media, Canada
  • - Idda’s Breath (director: Irene Dionisio), Kino Produzioni, Italy
  • - Divorce During the War (director: Andrius Blaževičius), M-Films, Lithuania
  • - Last Trip (director: Ziad Kalthoum), Mayana Films, Germany
  • - Antonivka (director: Kateryna Gornostai), Moon Man, Ukraine & Just a Moment, Lithuania
  • - Marriage by Abduction (director: Sophia Mocorrea), NiKo Film, Germany
  • - Ich bin Marika (director: Hajni Kis), Proton Cinema, Hungary
  • - To Die on Your Feet (director: María Paz González), Quijote Films, Chile
  • - Remains of Life (director: Sevda Shishmanova), Red Carpet, Bulgaria
  • - Folk Play (director: Mirjana Karanović), This and That Productions, Serbia
  • - Fragments of This Beauty (director: Burak Çevik), Vayka Film, Turkey & Fol Films, Turkey
  • - Burnings (director: Jerry Carlsson), Verket Production, Sweden
  • - The Girl with the Leica (director: Alina Marazzi), Vivo Film, Italy

"Berlinale Directors" projects:

  • - Alma (director: Sally Potter), Adventure Pictures, United Kingdom & Sixteen Films, United Kingdom
  • - Twist the Rabbit (director: Mira Fornay), Cineart, Czech Republic & Mirafox, Slovak Republic
  • - Londoner (director: Babatunde Apalowo), Polymath Pictures, Nigeria, Cato Street Productions, United Kingdom &, and Sixteen Films, United Kingdom

"World Cinema Market" project:

  • - Zone |Myths (director: Daria Yurkevich), Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion, Germany

"Rotterdam-Berlinale Express":

  • - The Diplomats (director: Andreas Fontana), Alina film, Switzerland
  • - Hold Time for Me (director: Fradique), Seera Films, Germany

"Talent Project Market":

  • - Eau de Colony (director: Veronica Spedicati), Alcor (producer: Giorgio Gucci), Italy
  • - So the Lovers Could Come Out Again (director: George Peter Barbari), Btrswt Pictures (producer: Christelle Younes), Lebanon
  • - Silence Sometimes (director: Álvaro Robles), Cartuna (producer: Mireia Vilanova), USA & Spain
  • - Bad Gays (director: Loïc Hobi), Cloud Fog Haze Pictures (producer: Michael Graf), Switzerland
  • - Pogana (director: David Kapac), Eclectica (producer: Rea Rajčić), Croatia
  • - The Numbered Days (director: Agustina San Martín), Mil Monos (producer: Maximiliano Monzon), Argentina & Spain
  • - Uptight Ass (director: Matija Gluščević), Naked (producer: Čarna Vučinić), Serbia
  • - Astana Internet Stars (director: Assel Aushakimova), Risk Pictures (producer: Assel Aushakimova), Kazakhstan
  • - More than a Hug (director: Christian Zetterberg), Snowcloud (producer: Liselotte Persson), Sweden
  • - Little Lying Wild (director: Samantha Aldana), Valerie Steinberg Productions (producer: Valerie Steinberg), USA & Belize

Company Matching Programme:

  • - Hobab, Sweden
  • - Momo Film Co, Singapore
  • - Paradise City, United Kingdom & France
  • - Special Touch Studios, France
  • - Ukbar Filmes, Portugal

Selected Projects for “Co-Pro Series” 2024

(in alphabetical order of production company):

  • - The Coroner's Assistant (creator/writer/director: Elina Psykou), Blonde, Greece
  • - The Palm Line (creators: Thomas Ritter (head-writer), Maria Rosselini, Mattia Lento; director: Fulvio Bernasconi), hugofilm features, Switzerland
  • - The Werewolf & Renée (creator/writer/director: Katrin Gebbe), Junafilm, Germany
  • - Wolves (writer/director: Sina Ataeian Dena),, Germany & Europe Media Nest, Czech Republic / Iran
  • - Death to Love (creator/writer/director: Carlota Pereda), Morena Films & Buendía Estudios, Spain
  • - Witness 36 (writers: Natacha Caravia, Juan Matías Carballo, Daniel Burman; director: Daniel Burman), Oficina Burman, Argentina
  • - The Man with the Crooked Arm (creator/head-writer/director: Perivi John Katjavivi), Old Location Films, Namibia
  • - Mirrors (creators: Amra Bakšić Čamo, Aida Begić; director: Aida Begić), SCCA/, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • - S.O.L. (creator: Ruth McCance; director: tba), Warp Films, United Kingdom & Rainy Days, Sweden

Project selected in cooperation with Series Mania:

  • - Executioners (creators/writers: Rodrigo Martín Antoranz, Pedro García Ríos; director: tba), Vertice 360, Spain

The following literary works are selected for “Books at Berlinale” 2024:

(in alphabetical order of presenting companies)

  • - “The Secret of Nox: Light, Shadow - Bat Rats! (vol. 1)” / „Das Geheimnis von Nox: Licht, Schatten – Flederratten! (Vol. 1)“ (author: Claudia Scharf, Germany), Carlsen Verlag, Germany
  • - “Me: In-Between” / „Dazwischen: Ich“ (author: Julya Rabinowich, Germany), Carl Hanser Verlag, Germany
  • - “White Clouds” / „Weiße Wolken“ (author: Yandé Seck, Germany), Copywrite Literatur- und Filmagentur, Germany
  • - “Cesare’s Story. Choosing Happiness with Your Eyes Closed” / „La storia di Cesare. Scegliere a occhi chiusi la felicità” (author: Valentina Mastroianni, Italy), DeAgostini libri, Italy
  • - “Dissident Club” (author: Taha Siddiqui, illustrator: Hubert Maury, Pakistan/France), Editions Glénat, France
  • - “History’s Angel” (author: Anjum Hasan, India), Jacaranda Literary Agency, Singapore
  • - “Everything for Jo” / „Die Entflammten“ (author: Simone Meier, Switzerland), Kein & Aber, Switzerland
  • - “A Poisoner’s Tale” (author: Cathryn Kemp, United Kingdom), Penguin Random House UK, United Kingdom
  • - “The Áróra Investigation Series: Cold as Hell” / „Helköld sól” (author: Lilja Sigurðardóttir, Iceland), Reyjkavík Literary Agency, Iceland
  • - “Xerox / Hard Copy” / „Xerox” (author: Fien Veldman, the Netherlands), Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency, The Netherlands

Berlinale Co-Production Market

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