Project Selection - Berlinale Co-Production Market

Official Projects

(in alphabetical order of production company):

  • The Hole in the Fence (D: Joaquín del Paso), Amondo Films, Mexico
  • The Woman with the Gun (D: Yorgos Servetas), Argonauts Productions, Greece
  • Home (D: Franka Potente), Augenschein Filmproduktion, Germany
  • Nobody Likes Me (D: Tomas Weinreb, Petr Kazda), Black Balance & Love.Frame & Arizona Productions, Czech Republic / France
  • Haunted (D: Koen Mortier), Czar Film & TV, Belgium
  • Motel Acacia (D: Bradley Liew), Epicmedia Productions & Potocol, Philippines / Singapore
  • Dr. Glas (D: Aisling Walsh), Fantastic Films & Makar Productions, Ireland / UK
  • The Sound of Animals Fighting (D: Sibs Shongwe-La Mer), Fireworx Media, South Africa / Brazil
  • Three (D: Juanjo Giménez), Frida Films, Spain
  • My Camino (D: Louise Archambault), Item 7, Canada
  • Pelican Blood (D: Katrin Gebbe), Junafilm, Germany
  • The Siren (D: Sepideh Farsi), Les Films d'Ici & Lunanime, France / Belgium
  • An Empty Goal (D: Sergio Castro), Manufactura de Películas & Bigbonsai, Chile / Brazil
  • The War Has Ended (D: Hagar Ben Asher), Match Factory Productions & Madants & Transfax, Germany / Poland / Israel
  • Abdullah and his Sons (D: Esen Isik), Maximage, Switzerland
  • Advantages of Travelling by Train (D: Aritz Moreno), Morena Films & Señor y Señora, Spain
  • My First Time of Dying (D: Cristiane Oliveira), Okna Produções, Brazil
  • I, Alex (D: İlker Çatak), Riva Filmproduktion, Germany
  • Soul Hunter (D: Andreas Dalsgaard), Savage Productions, Ireland
  • The Quarters (D: Todd Solondz, Anna Muylaert, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Arsinee Khanjian), Six Island Productions & Green Productions & Impulse Pictures, Canada / Israel
  • When I'm Done Dying (D: Nisan Dag), Solis Film, Turkey

"Berlinale Directors" projects:

  • Doi Boy (D: Nontawat Numbenchapol), Anti-Archive & Mobile Lab Project, Cambodia / Thailand
  • Three Minutes of Silence (D: Boris Khlebnikov), CTB Film Company, Russian Federation
  • The Strangers of the Cold Mountain (D: Albertina Carri), El Borde, Argentina

"Rotterdam-Berlinale Express":

  • Mon Légionnaire (D: Rachel Lang), Chevaldeuxtrois & Wrong Men, Belgium / France
  • A White, White Day (D: Hlynur Pálmason), Join Motion Pictures & Snowglobe, Iceland / Denmark

"Talent Project Market":

  • Nudo Mixteco (D: Ángeles Cruz), Amard Bird Films (P: Paula Alamillo), Germany
  • The Empty House (D: Rati Tsiteladze), ArtWay Film (P: Rati Tsiteladze), Georgia
  • Mascot (D: Remy van Heugten), Bind (P: Joram Willink), The Netherlands
  • Lynx (D: Sharipa Urazbayeva), (P: Sharipa Urazbayeva) & Tandem Production, Kazakhstan / Germany
  • Tropical Memories (D: Shipei Wen), Foolish Old Man Production (P: Jing Wang), People’s Republic of China
  • Milk (D: Maya Kenig), Green Productions (P: Maya Fischer), Israel
  • The Far Mountains (D: Mitra Tabrizian), Sonatine Films (P: Zadoc Nava), United Kingdom
  • The Isle of the Demoiselle (D: Micha Wald), Stenola Productions (P: Anton Iffland Stettner), Belgium
  • Flee (D: Jonas Poher Rasmussen), Sun Creature (P: Charlotte de la Gournerie) & Final Cut for Real, Denmark
  • Sáve - The Last of the First (D: tba), The End (P: Khalid Maimouni), Norway

Company Matching (in alphabetical order of company):

  • Heimatfilm, Germany
  • Indie Prod / Indie Sales, France
  • Metafilms, Canada
  • Mutante Cine, Uruguay
  • Schortcut, Lebanon

Selected Projects for “CoPro Series” 2018

(in alphabetical order of production company):

  • Baby Alone (Writers: Judith Angerbauer, Matthias Luthardt; D: Matthias Luthardt), Akzente Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Germany
  • South (Writers: Edgar Medina, Guilherme Mendonça; D: Ivo M. Ferreira), Arquipélago Filmes, Portugal
  • In a Heartbeat (Writers: Shani Melamed Nitzan & Gaya Wildman; D: tba), Black Sheep Film Productions, Israel
  • Henkersbach (Writers: Friedrich Ani, Ina Jung; D: Dominik Graf), Cinecentrum Berlin Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Germany
  • Fury (Showrunner: Gjermund S. Eriksen; D: Roar Uthaug), Monster Scripted, Norway
  • Costigan (Writer: Gary Duggan; D: Neasa Hardiman, tbc), Shinawil & Against the Grain, Ireland
  • Black Port (Writer: Mikael Torfason; D: Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson & Gisli Orn Gardarsson), Vesturport, Iceland

Project selected in cooperation with Series Mania European Project & Talent Forum

  • The Faction (Writer: Oscar van Woensel; D: tbc), Submarine, The Netherlands

The following literary works were selected for “Books at Berlinale” 2018:

(in alphabetical order of presenting companies)

  • In the Midst of Winter (Isabel Allende), Agencia Literaria Carmen Balcells, Spain
  • Fake Metal Jacket (Sven Recker), Agentur Kroll, Germany
  • The Other Amsterdam (Dato Turashvili), Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, Georgia
  • The Million Kroner Kindness Competition (Arnfinn Kolerud), Cappelen Damm Agency, Norway
  • #egoland (Michael Nast), Edel Books, Germany
  • Bakhita (Veronique Olmi), Editions Albin Michel, France
  • Magda (Mazarine Pingeot), Editions Julliard, France
  • The Girl in the Tree (Şebnem İşigüzel), Kalem Agency, Turkey
  • Where the Missing Go (Emma Rowley), Orion Publishing Group, United Kingdom
  • Martha's Dance (Tom Saller), Ullstein Buchverlage, Germany
  • Hitler's Feast (Rosella Postorino), Vicki Satlow Literary Agency, Italy
  • Captain Horror's Island (Rodoula Pappa), Volatilium, Greece