European Film Market Team

Beki Probst
EFM Founder

"Without Beki Probst and her contacts worldwide, her charm and cosmopolitan gift for combining business and culture, the EFM would never have become such a successful platform and the strong backbone of the festival." - Dieter Kosslick.

EFM Director

Matthijs Wouter Knol
EFM Director

Director's Office, Strategic Development & Partnerships

Manu Guddait
Strategic Development & Partnerships

Themba Bhebhe
Diversity & Inclusion

Laura Klöckner
Coordinator Director's Office

Erika Giorgianni
Guest Management

Administration and Accounting Department

Volker Hörich
Head of Administration

Gabriele Wolff

Joana Schulze
Administration & Accounting

Christina Haritos
Administration & Accounting Support

Sales Department

Peter Domsch
Head of Sales

Johanna Dathe
Sales Manager

Lukas Hofmann
Sales Manager

Michael Hinz
Senior Sales Consultant

Sophie Bellmann

Hilkia Holland

Marie-Luise Linke

René Rimkus

Anna Rozkosny
Coordinator Stand Design & Graphics

Rodrigo Diaz
Stand Design & Graphics

Technical Department

André Hoefener
Technical Manager

Sadia Belhadi
Access Management

Udo Röben
Digital Image Technician / Data Wrangler

Marketing and Advertising

Jana Wolff
Head of Marketing & Advertising

Inga Jäger
Marketing & Advertising

Film Administration and Programming

Tilmann Vierzig
Head of Film Administration

Hi-Sun Lee
Film Administration

Lennard Kröger-Petersen
Film Administration / VR

Erika Giorgianni
Screening / Programming

Hannes Lindemann
Cinema Coordination


Juli Schymik
Head of Communication

Ulrike Geier
Marketing & Print Media

Björn Gleß
Online & Social Media

Julian Koller
Communication Drama Series Days

EFM Catalogue

Monika Fabig
Catalogue Editor

Daniela Dinh
Catalogue Editor

EFM Digital

Thomas Kuhlmann
EFM Digital


Jana Wolff
Coordinator Country in Focus

Faysal Omer
EFM Producers Hub

Manu Guddait
Coordinator EFM Horizon

Nadja Tennstedt
Coordinator DocSalon

Katharina Böndel
Coordinator Drama Series Days

Olaolu Fajembola
Berlinale Africa Hub

Bruno Niederprüm
Producer EFM Horizon

Sandra Appelt
EFM Horizon

Anna Katharina Brehm
Drama Series Days Conference

Francesca Shafé
Drama Series Days

Laura Klöckner
Berlinale Africa Hub