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May 17, 2016

Focus on Mexico at EFM 2017

In 2017, Mexico will be the very first “Country in Focus” at the European Film Market (EFM) of the Berlin International Film Festival. The EFM’s new “Country in Focus” programme is conceived to give the film industry and filmmakers of a country the opportunity to introduce themselves in greater depth and highlight certain aspects.

Supported by the Secretaría de Cultura through the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), Mexico’s vibrant film scene will present itself at the Berlinale’s EFM 2017 from different sides. On this occasion there will also be a presentation of new funding programmes for Mexican and Central American documentary film, and as special event at the EFM’s next annual Drama Series Days (Feb 13 and 14, 2017) a panel discussion on the drama series industries in Mexico and North America. A great number of Mexican producers are expected to attend the festival.

“Mexico in Focus” at the EFM is being held during Germany-Mexico Year 2016/2017. As expression of the partnership between the two countries, exchange in the fields of culture, commerce, science and technology is to be intensified.

Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick comments: “For many years now, our relationship with Mexico has been excellent. Sharing this commitment with our Mexican friends from the IMCINE at the EFM is a fantastic opportunity to develop our work together even further. During Germany-Mexico Year, the Berlinale will establish additional partnerships to intensify the dialogue.”

Director of the Mexican Film Institute IMCINE Jorge Sánchez remarks: “‘Mexico in Focus’ is a major showcase for Mexican filmmakers and their films. We are utterly delighted to have been invited to kick off the ‘Country in Focus’ initiative at the EFM. Mexican cinema has long felt at home at the Berlinale and the EFM. Collaborating in this way will surely strengthen our good and longstanding relations.”

The EFM’s “Country in Focus” programme will continue over the next years and so spotlight more countries.
EFM Director Matthijs Wouter Knol says: “This new EFM initiative, which puts the focus on exciting film countries such as Mexico and allows them to present themselves more extensively, promotes the EFM’s connections to national films industries and fosters exchange in the international film world. Launching this programme with Mexico is the best possible start imaginable.”

The EFM will take place from February 9 to 17, 2017 during the 67th Berlin International Film Festival.

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May 17, 2016