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Sep 7, 2020

Dennis Ruh to Head the EFM / First Look at the 2021 EFM

On November 1, 2020, Dennis Ruh will take over as director of the European Film Market (EFM) of the Berlinale.

Dennis Ruh has been involved in the international film industry for over 12 years. Most recently, he was responsible for cooperation with international film festivals as department head at German Films, and in this position managed all substantial festivals with affiliated trade fairs and industry events. He is widely internationally networked and highly familiar with the international distribution business.

Starting on September 15, Dennis Ruh will initially work side-by-side with the departing EFM director Matthijs Wouter Knol. Knol will leave the EFM in late October and take on the position of director of the European Film Academy (see press release from May 19).

“With Dennis Ruh, we have gained a well-connected industry expert to head the EFM. We both see him as a committed and forward-thinking individual, and we’re looking forward to working together,” say the Berlinale directors Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian.

“The EFM is very well-positioned. It’s an integral part of the film business cycle and an important driving force for the industry. I want to continue its successful tack within the challenging market setting, and further expand strategic development and positioning. I’m looking forward to working constructively together with the experienced and competent EFM team,” says designated EFM director Dennis Ruh. (*Profile Dennis Ruh see below)

First Look at the 2021 EFM

Along with the introduction of Dennis Ruh, some of the first news on the layout of the 2021 EFM (February 11-18, 2021) is also available.

The 2021 EFM will take place in a hybrid format. In addition to the regular booth areas, screenings will continue to take place in the central cinemas in close proximity to the market. Online screenings will also be available.

Various online offers are also being expanded and newly developed, covering the comprehensive EFM platform programme. A five-day conference is planned from February 12-16, 2021, with its programme concentrating the platforms “EFM Producers Hub”, “EFM Horizon”, “EFM Landmark”, “DocSalon”, “Berlinale Series Market” and “Berlinale Africa Hub” for all market visitors, and providing an overview of the most important trendsetting innovations.

The 2021 EFM hybrid model is an important step towards a growing digital presence. The EFM will publicise more details on the 2021 concept in the coming weeks.

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September 7, 2020

*Profile Dennis Ruh

Dennis Ruh was born in 1983. He studied cultural sciences, audiovisual communication, social science and history in Bremen, Germany and Valencia, Spain. During his studies, he began working for the Oldenburg International Film Festival in 2008, where he was in charge of programming, sponsoring, marketing and personnel, and became a co-director in 2011. He also worked for Independent Partners Distribution from 2010 to 2012.
In 2012, he switched to German Films, the German organisation for international promotion and distribution of German films. There, he was the department head for international festival relations, and the point of contact for producers developing festival and distribution strategies.
He is a regular guest lecturer on promoting young talent at German film schools, and reports on the foreign appraisal of German films.