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Indie Players & Major Projects: A Conversation with Nick Shumaker

With: Nicholas Shumaker (he/him), Elsa Keslassy (she/her) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Variety
In this deep-dive conversation, Nick Shumaker of AC Independent will share his insights on today’s fast-changing film landscape and the pivotal role of indie players in financing, packaging and distribution of major international projects. A fireside chat moderated by Variety’s Elsa Keslassy.

Working with AI: The Human Factor

With: Dr. William Charles Uricchio, Ph.D., (he/him), Souki Mansoor (she/her), Amir Baradaran (he/him), AC Coppens (they/them) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk
Let’s explore the “human factor” in a world infiltrated by AI: Which impact do AI innovations have on the media we produce and consume? How do we make sense of the new digital age, and what skills do we need for that? How to ensure this new AI landscape remains ethical, inclusive and humane?

Leading Change: Producers at the Wheel

With: Damon D'Oliveira (he/him), Marica Stocchi (she/her), Martin Ebeling (he/him), AC Coppens (they/them) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: ACE Producers
A three-part session on the evolving role of producers: the first keynote will map the trends and shifts in the industry. Producers will then share more about these struggles and how leadership practices help navigate these changes. The last presentation will reflect on leadership beyond the film world.
Tags: #Producers

Dream Factory Onwards! Building Worlds and Opportunities With AI

With: Christina Caspers-Roemer (she/her), Dave Clark (he/him), Simon Weisse (he/him), AC Coppens (they/them) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk
We explore the relationship between AI and worldbuilding to unlock new ways of visual storytelling and opportunities for growth in production: experts from film and related industries showcase how they leverage AI to create immersive stories and universes that have never been seen before.

AI Journeys: How Producers Will Make the Most of It

With: Volodymyr Ovsiienko (he/him), Jacques Alomo (he/him), AC Coppens (they/them) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk
Introduced by AI filmmaking pioneers Curious Refuge, this twofold session reveals the AI-voice tools used in the Edith Piaf AI-Generated Biopic produced by Warner Music Group and Seriously Happy. Then, a practical presentation explores how AI workflows impact flexibility, assets, IP, time and money.

Setting the Stage for a Thriving Ecosystem for European Content

With: Renate Nikolay, Robert Franke (he/him), Tomáš Hrubý, Matthieu Zeller, Daniela Elstner (she/her), Carole Scotta, Sten-Kristian Saluveer (he/him) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: European Commission
This session, presented by the European Commission, will explore the different business strategies European producers, broadcasters and other market players can pursue to create high end series, films and documentaries and successfully market them to European and international audiences.

Anatomy of a Film: A Deep Dive Across the Value Chain

With: Thomas Robsahm (he/him), Tine Klint, Dennis Zuijdervliet (he/him), Ása Baldursdóttir (she/her), Wendy Mitchell (she/her) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk
Finance, production, sales, distribution and exhibition all have to work together for a film’s success. This 360-degree examination of Berlinale 2023 hit, Dancing Queen, will talk to each expert across the value chain. What can we learn about sectors of the industry working (better) together?

AI for Audience Design in Documentary

With: Sami Arpa (he/him), Paul Rieth (he/him), Enrica Capra (she/her), Niels Alberg (he/him), Joanna Solecka (she/her) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: DAE - Documentary Association of Europe
An exploration of AI's influence & possibilities for deciphering your audience. In this industry panel we discuss the potential of AI in audience design and marketing as a powerful tool to make sense of data and deepen connections with audiences.

EFM Startups: Insights and Tools Shaping the Industry’s Future

With: Volha Paulovich (she/her), Ana Betancourt (she/her), Jaspar Graham (he/him), Gabriel Isserlis (he/him), Frinny Lee (she/her), Frederik Merkel (he/him), Anna Giralt Gris (she/her), Elaine Sturgess (she/her), Jure Pavlović (he/him), Zoe Ramushu (she/her), David Larkin (he/him), Tim Dams (he/him) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Screen International
Our industry is at an inflection point. As the production and distribution industries continue to struggle, it’s time to take stock and bring new ideas and solutions to the fore. The founders behind EFM Startups are doing just that: designing and implementing ground-breaking tools, AI solutions and proprietary software designed to re-define and re-build the industry. Join this year’s 10 EFM Startups as they pitch their innovative tools and solutions for an evolving industry.

Silver Linings | Overcoming Crisis through New Opportunities

With: Dennis Ruh (he/him), Katharina Blum (she/her), Danna Stern (she/her), Yi Qiao (she/her), Sabine de Mardt (she/her), Roy Ashton (he/him), Richard Broughton (he/him), Stewart Clarke (he/him) Access: Market Badge Organiser: Berlinale Series Market Type: Talk With: Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Deadline
The drama market is consolidating following a long boom. The industry asks itself how it should and could rethink how it creates great projects and brings them to the world. Where are the opportunities during these tough moments and how can we evolve and adapt? Join us for a big-picture assessment of the state of the industry with key figures offering insight, perspective and some encouragement in times of uncertainty.
Mon Feb 19 09:30 – 11:00 Berlinale Series Market at CinemaxX
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