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SustainABILITY: Driving Multi-Perspective Solutions to Contemporary Challenges

With: David Hernández Palmar (he/him), Tiny Mungwe, Kerry Swanson (she/her), Anne Lalja Utsi (she/her), Helene Granqvist, Valeria Richter (she/her), Adriana Chartrand (she/her) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: TelefilmCanada, NEW NORDIC NARRATIVE LABS
This timely conversation unpacks the many interconnected facets of sustainability - social, environmental, economic - by drawing on various explorations, interrogating the roles the most powerful medium for social change can play. How can individuals be agents of change, and narratives become a catalyst for societal shifts? What is sustainable leadership?

Curating the Future: Towards Programming Equity

With: Jemma Desai (she/her), Tambay Obenson (he/him), Lucy Mukerjee (she/her) , Can Sungu (he/his), Karim Ahmad (he/they) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Programmers of Colour Collective, Teddy Award, Restoring the Future
What is the future of film programming? Join us for a discussion of just, ethical, and community-rooted film programming practices as well as a participatory worldbuilding experience to chart the future of the field with Karim Ahmad, Jemma Desai, Can Sungu, Lucy Mukerjee and Tambay Obenson.

A New Reality: Decolonising the Post-Soviet Screen

With: Simone Baumann, Zane Balčus (she/her), Anisa Sabiri (she/her), Romas Zabarauskas, Daria Badior (she/her), Tamara Tatisvhili (she/her), Heleen Gerritsen (she/her) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: GoEast Filmfestival
The Russian war against Ukraine has brought into focus the realities that have been unfolding for decades in the successor states of the former Soviet Union. This conversation will explore how the contemporary realities of this space are relayed, mediated and depicted onscreen through filmmaking.

Killing Stereotypes about CEE, Vol. 4: Female Voices

With: Tereza Polachová, Tereza Nvotová , Anna Machukh , Apolena Rychlíková , Anna Nagler , Vinca Wiedemann , Kamila Zlatušková Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: Berlinale Series Market Type: Showcase With: Serial Killer TV Festival, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Czech Film Fund, Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Deadline
Education and diversity of creators and producers is the best way to improve quality of television in Central and Eastern Europe. How can we work on inspiration, motivation, sustainable development of talent education, and education of TV professionals? What is the current representation of women in quality TV and what topics do they bring up? This event takes place at CinemaxX 1.
Tue Feb 21 18:00 – 18:45 + CinemaxX
VOD available
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