EFM Screening Schedule 2019

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English Title | Original Title Country World Sales / Sales Contact
Curiosa France Memento Films International
Cut Off | Abgeschnitten Germany Global Screen
Dafne Italy Rai Com
Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan Australia Goldcrest/Saboteur
Daniel | Daniel fait face France bathysphere productions
Dark Corner | Pugni in faccia Italy/France/Sweden True Colours
Dark Lies the Island Ireland Independent
Darkness is a Color | Die Dunkelheit Ist eine Farbe Germany Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Darlin USA MPI Media Group
Daughter of the Wolf Canada VMI Worldwide
The Day After I'm Gone Israel Luxbox
The Day I Lost My Shadow Lebanon/France/Syria Stray Dogs
The Days to Come | Los días que vendrán Spain Film Factory Entertainment
Deadsight Canada Raven Banner Entertainment
Dead Water USA VMI Worldwide
Decision: Liquidation | Reshenie o likvidatsii Russia Mosfilm Cinema Concern
Deliler Turkey Match Point
Delphine and Carole | Delphine et Carole, insoumuses France/Switzerland MPM Premium
Denmark United Kingdom WestEnd Films
Descent into the Maelstrom Norway Poorhouse International
The Diary of Diana B. | Dnevnik Diane Budisavljevic Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia Hulahop
The Direction of Time | La direzione del tempo Italy Ellipsis Media International
Dirty God Netherlands/United Kingdom/Belgium Independent
The Disappearance of My Mother | Storia di B. la scomparse di mia madre Italy/USA Autlook Filmsales
The Dive Israel Stray Dogs
Divine Love | Divino Amor Brazil/Uruguay/Chile/Denmark/Norway/Sweden Memento Films International
A Dog Barking at the Moon China/Spain Granadian Audiovisual
A Dog Called Money Ireland/United Kingdom Autlook Filmsales
Dogman's Rabies | Rabbia furiosa Italy Filmexport Group
Dolce Fine Giornata Poland Films Boutique