Cold Cases & Hot Flashes – The Rise of Crime and Relationship Dramas in challenging times

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Mon Feb 19 15:00 – 15:45 Berlinale Series Market at CinemaxX
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Discover the alchemy of storytelling that turns cold cases into hot trends. From gripping whodunits to heartwarming love stories, our panelists will share insights on how these genres have become evergreen.

In an era of uncertainty, the power of storytelling remains undimmed – but why are crime and relationship dramas particularly compelling right now? What is it about the thrill of solving mysteries and the complexities of human relationships that resonate so profoundly with viewers during these challenging times?

Join our discussion where top executives will shed light on these questions, drawing insights from their respective series created in Finland. Among them is Primetime Emmy-winner Ran Tellem (Mediapro Studio), renowned for bringing us the female-led crime investigation series, The Paradise, currently heading for its third season. Helene Aurø (REinvent International Sales) will introduce two compelling series – Hormones! and Seconds. The latter is a suspense-driven drama centered around a train accident investigator and her own unsolved tragedy, while Hormones! is a comedic exploration of menopause, along with the struggles of modern-day parenting.

Jemina Jokisalo (Solar Republic) brings us Money Shot, an upcoming drama-comedy narrating the journey of a washed-up porn actress who, after being fired from her latest role, navigates the quest for livelihood – ultimately culminating to the creation of a feminist porn company. Jamie Lynn (Fremantle) offers a glimpse into the world of the upcoming psychological thriller Revenge where family secrets reach a boiling point, stirred by the presence of the most charming snake in paradise.

This event takes place at CinemaxX 3.

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Helene Aurø (she/her)

Sales & Marketing Director

REinvent International Sales

Jemina Jokisalo (she/her)

Head of Drama

Solar Republic

Ran Tellem (he/him)

International Content Development

The MediaPro Studio

Jamie Lynn (he/him)

Head of Co-Productions and Distribution



Marike Muselaers (she/her)

Head of Int’l Financing and Co-Production

Nordisk Film Production