Masterclass: Tsai Ming-liang - A Long March from Cinema to Art Scenes

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Fri Feb 16 11:30 – 12:30 Conference Lounge at Gropius Park
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Born in Malaysia and based in Taiwan, acclaimed filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang will reflect on his recent works in this masterclass and share his thoughts on his experiences of developing and making the Walkers Series, especially the latest work - Abiding Nowhere.

The Berlinale has witnessed the breaking-out and achievements of Tsai. The festival is not only one of the most prestigious festivals which welcomed Tsai’s early works but also keeps following his latest films. The Berlinale can be regarded as an important starting point for Tsai Ming-Liang's career as a film director. Tsai’s first feature film Neon God made his mark at the festival in 1992. Since then, Tsai’s works have been selected for the main competition three times, including The River (1996), The Wayward Cloud (2005) and Days (2020)

This year in 2024, the restored version of The Wayward Cloud will return to Berlinale having its world premiere in the Berlinale Classics & Homage section when Abiding Nowhere will be presented in Berlinale Special. The Berlinale has proved itself as a festival with the vision to develop upcoming new talents and would keep following the steps of an acclaimed artist.

In addition to presenting both his latest work and classic film at the Berlinale, marking his 30th anniversary in filmmaking, Tsai has already leveled up from filmmaking to a broader idea of artistic creation. Aiming on crossing the boundaries between filmmaking and visual arts, Tsai has cooperated with various museums worldwide. When bringing cinema art into arts scenes, Tsai is also including the concept of artistic creation into his filmmaking.

In the masterclass, Tsai will share his thoughts on filmmaking and visual arts, also his experience transforming from a filmmaker into a comprehensive artist.

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