Anatomy of a Film: A Deep Dive Across the Value Chain

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Finance, production, sales, distribution and exhibition all have to work well together for a film to achieve true success. This session takes a deep dive across the value chain to examine Berlinale 2023 hit, Norwegian family film Dancing Queen, by looking at each piece of the puzzle and talking to each expert about when collaboration worked well and what could be improved. What were some lessons learned at each step of this film’s journey from getting made to reaching public audiences? We offer a rare 360-view of one film talking to each expert about their role in the process, their specific approach to this film, challenges they faced and solutions they found – including any new technologies and tools utilised - on the way to making Dancing Queen a global success that’s now headed for a sequel.


Thomas Robsahm (he/him)

Producer and Director

Amarcord and Nordisk Film Production, Norway

Tine Klint

Founder & CEO

LevelK, DK

Dennis Zuijdervliet (he/him)

General Manager

In The Air, Netherlands

Ása Baldursdóttir (she/her)

Program Director

Bio Paradis, Iceland


Wendy Mitchell (she/her)

Contributing Editor at Screen International and Film Festival Consultant