Leading Change: Producers at the Wheel

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Producers have many roles: they’re the money people, the creatives, and sometimes even coaches. As the film landscape is changing, they have to be able to address the seismic shifts in the industry, while keeping these multiple hats on, but most importantly they have to manage and lead.

In this session we will first take a step back and look at what are the challenges that producers are facing. The keynote will be followed by an honest conversation about the producers’ struggles, and how leadership can help to build and implement a vision. Guests will share their best practices and latest learnings. Finally, in the last talk, we will look into how to build a vision for leadership beyond the film world.

In collaboration with


Damon D'Oliveira (he/him)


Conquering Lion Pictures, Canada

Marica Stocchi (she/her)


Rosamont srl, Italy

Martin Ebeling (he/him)

Head of The School of Life for Business

The School of Life Berlin, Germany


AC Coppens (they/them)


The Catalysts, Germany