Producers' Challenges in Archival Workflows

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This talk gives fiction and documentary film producers the opportunity to learn about the experience of archival workflows. Two experienced producers will discuss the differences and the common ground of processes dealing with archival footage. The credibility of the story and the emotional transportation make archive material an important tool in feature films, whereas archive-heavy documentaries is build on thoroughly researched and beautiful archive material. The planning of the archive budgets and questions about rights and risk management are the focus.

Jennifer Mueller von der Haegen has been working as a freelance production manager and producer in fiction productions since 2016. Today, she is a producer at Weydeman Bros and worked as a production manager for the feature-length film "Outrun" directed by Nora Fingscheidt, which will be screened at Berlinale’s Panorama this year. Archive material played an important role and was part of the production from the beginning.

Erik Winker has been working in documentaries for over 20 years and is CEO of the production company CORSO Film, screened on many festivals, on TV and in cinemas worldwide and have been awarded numerous times. His recent works are the feature-length documentaries “Stasi FC”, a gripping true-crime story of how, in the late 70's, East Germany's secret service. And “Blix not Bombs”, where director Greta Stocklassa interviewed the retired diplomat Hans Blix, former head weapons inspector for the UN .

The moderator of this talk, Stephen Maier, is a freelance archive producer for documentary films and other media projects. He is one of the founders of the association „German Researchers and Archive Producers“, GRAP. One of his latest projects was the true crime documentary "Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom“, released on Netflix in 2022. He has also worked for the production „Stasi FC“.


Jennifer Mueller von der Haegen (she/her)


Weydemann Bros., Germany

Erik Winker (he/him)


CORSO Film, Germany


Stephen Maier (he/him)

Archive Producer