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SustainABILITY: Driving Multi-Perspective Solutions to Contemporary Challenges

With: David Hernández Palmar (he/him), Tiny Mungwe, Kerry Swanson (she/her), Anne Lalja Utsi (she/her), Helene Granqvist, Valeria Richter (she/her), Adriana Chartrand (she/her) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: TelefilmCanada, NEW NORDIC NARRATIVE LABS
This timely conversation unpacks the many interconnected facets of sustainability - social, environmental, economic - by drawing on various explorations, interrogating the roles the most powerful medium for social change can play. How can individuals be agents of change, and narratives become a catalyst for societal shifts? What is sustainable leadership?

Your European Audience at a Glance

With: Karin Annell (she/her), Rodolphe Buet, Jaim Tarrazón (he/him), Erika Jakab, Renate Nikolay, Lucia Recalde, AC Coppens (they/them) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Creative Europe MEDIA
For the first time, the European Commission will unveil results of a big multi-country survey of audience behaviors and tastes in Europe  which was commissioned for the forthcoming comprehensive market report, the „Media Outlook“. Join the presentation and debate to understand what your European audience wants to watch.

Producers Embracing New Horizons

With: Christine Vachon (she/her), Maria Ekerhovd (she/her), Roman Paul, Wendy Mitchell (she/her) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Screen International
How are producers crossing the different financing and production ecosystems to build more sustainable careers both financially and creatively? How are independent film producers successfully moving into other formats, from TV to podcasts to web series, while also not forsaking their passion for cinema? How are they helping auteur work also fit into the TV landscape? The experts tell us lessons learned and advice for film veterans who want to dip their toes into other formats. In partnership with Screen International.

Curating the Future: Towards Programming Equity

With: Jemma Desai (she/her), Tambay Obenson (he/him), Lucy Mukerjee (she/her) , Can Sungu (he/his), Karim Ahmad (he/they) Access: Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Programmers of Colour Collective, Teddy Award, Restoring the Future
What is the future of film programming? Join us for a discussion of just, ethical, and community-rooted film programming practices as well as a participatory worldbuilding experience to chart the future of the field with Karim Ahmad, Jemma Desai, Can Sungu, Lucy Mukerjee and Tambay Obenson.

Are Documentary Filmmakers (inherently, obviously, automatically) Good People?

With: Orwa Nyrabia, Abby Sun (she/her), Brigid O'Shea (she/her) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Documentary Association Europe (DAE)
A debate examining the ethical canons and traps of documentary craft and tradition.

Shifting Business Models with an A

With: Guy Bisson (he/him), Johann Rückel , Izabela Piotrowska (she/her), Cristóbal Valenzuela (he/him), AC Coppens (they/them) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Ampere Analysis
A like Audiences, Advertising and AI: How do Audiences’ behaviors shift ? What opportunities do AVOD and FAST open up? What is the future of AI-enabled or generated content in the film industry? A-Experts discuss together with an independent producer further ways to leverage the value of content.

How the Rise of Animation is Driving Change

With: Sepideh Farsi (she/her), József Fülöp (he/him), Clark Spencer, Sebastien Onomo (he/him), AC Coppens (they/them) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk
Animation is on the rise. With producers and distributors in mind, we want to explore opportunities as well as challenges to surf on this wave. How to develop new narratives to become less Hollywood centric, less child-oriented, more international, and more sustainable?

EFM Startups: Insight and Tools to Re-Build the Industry

With: Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Darryl C. Marks, , Kate Wilson, Frank McDonnell, Julia Eiber, Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne, Ruslan Khamidullin, Volha Paulovich, Tom Verbeek, Tamara Daley, Gabriel Allan Tolliver, Ellie Jamen, Chioma Paul-Dike, Maria Tanjala (she/her) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Presentation With: Creative Europe MEDIA
Our industry is at an inflection point. The landscape has changed drastically over the past few years, and there’s no going back. It’s time to take stock and re-build, bringing new ideas and solutions to the fore. The founders behind EFM Startups are doing just that: designing new tools, tech innovations, proprietary software and more to challenge and change the way the industry works. Join this year’s 11 selected EFM Startups as they present their new solutions to help re-build the industry.

Surfing the Waves: Audience Building in a New Period of Changes

With: Agnete Juul (she/her), Algirdas Ramaska (he/him), Eduardo Escudero, Noortje van de Sande, Michael Gubbins (he/him) Access: Market Badge & Online Market Badge Organiser: EFM Type: Talk With: Europa Distribution
A new wave of economic challenges and shifting consumer trends are disrupting the post-Covid recovery for European film, testing business models and financial sustainability. This panel will explore new realities and the potential for innovative and collaborative approaches across the value chain.

Opening Berlinale Series Market: Adapting To The Market

With: Guy Bisson (he/him), Beatrice Springborn, Ruth Berry, Rodolphe Buet, Robert Franke, Jesse Whittock (he/him), Dennis Ruh Access: Market Badge Organiser: Berlinale Series Market Type: Talk With: Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Deadline
What is being commissioned and by whom? How is content currently being consumed? How are streamers, broadcasters and distributors dealing with audience behaviours? To kick-off the Berlinale Series Market, Guy Bisson from Ampere Analysis will tackle these questions, and offer an overview about current insider drama series business trends.
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