Working with AI: The Human Factor

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In this series of keynotes, we explore the “human factor” in a world increasingly infiltrated by AI. Which impact do innovations in AI have on human life, and subsequently on the media that we produce and consume? How do we make sense of the new digital age - and what role does film have in this? Which mindset and skills do we need to develop to not compete, but fully embrace the potential of human-machine collaborations? And how to ensure this new AI landscape remains ethical, inclusive and humane?


Dr. William Charles Uricchio, Ph.D., (he/him)

Professor of Comparative Media Studies


Souki Mansoor (she/her)

Director & Founder

Bell & Whistle, USA

Amir Baradaran (he/him)

Founder & CEO

ABXR Engine, USA


AC Coppens (they/them)


The Catalysts, Germany